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Even-Odd Penalty Bets – How to Effectively Predict Penalty Bets

Football betting not only satisfies fans' passion but also offers attractive rewards. To meet the diverse needs of players, bookmakers continuously develop new types of bets, including even-odd penalty bets with high winning odds. What are the characteristics of this type of bet, and how can you ensure a win?

What is Even-Odd Penalty Betting and Why is it Popular?

In a football match, if the score is tied, the outcome often depends on a penalty shootout. This high-stakes moment, known as a penalty shootout, is thrilling for fans.

Recognizing the enthusiasm for this aspect of the game, the leading bookmaker fb88 introduced a new betting format called even-odd penalty betting. It quickly became a hot topic, attracting high interest and curiosity among players.

Even-odd penalty betting focuses on the penalty kicks of both teams during a match. This bet is only relevant when the match ends in a draw and the winner needs to be decided through a penalty shootout.

Characteristics of Even-Odd Penalty Bets

Due to its excitement, even-odd penalty betting often appears in matches, offering an engaging and lively betting experience. Players can showcase their prediction skills by analyzing penalty outcomes. This type of betting is familiar to regular players at top 100 bookmaker.

In this betting format, players have only two options: even or odd for the total number of goals scored by both teams in the penalty shootout. Betting is straightforward, but remember that even-odd bets are only counted in the first five shots of each team. Therefore, players must quickly use their prediction skills to bet on these penalty kicks.

Besides betting on the total number of goals being even or odd, players can also bet on the number of successful penalty kicks by each team. The odds of winning are 50%, and the payout rates from bookmaker are very high. Betting on penalties allows players to quickly recover their investment due to the fast pace of the shootout.

How to Calculate Even-Odd Penalty Bets

During a penalty shootout, the leading bookmaker fb88 will determine the winner based on the number of successful penalty kicks by both teams.

Each team will have 5 shots, totaling 10 shots between the two teams, taken alternately. The team leading at the end of the shootout wins. If the teams are still tied after the shootout, the match continues until a winner is decided. The final result determines the betting outcome.

Though this type of betting seems simple, winning is not easy. Success depends not only on skills and performance but also on psychological factors and luck.

However, this makes the bet very attractive to players. Reputable bookmakers usually open bets right before or during the shootout.

Essential Tips for Predicting Even-Odd Penalty Bets

The rules of even-odd penalty betting are simple, making it easy for first-time players to participate without extensive research. However, winning and earning significant rewards is not straightforward. The following tips will help increase your chances of winning:

  1. Analyze the Teams' Penalty Skills

  • Information is crucial in sports betting, especially for penalty shootouts. When each team selects 5 players for the shootout, bettors need to evaluate and analyze these players' abilities, success rates, and typical shot directions to make informed bets.

  1. Bet Right After the First Penalty Kick

  • Penalty shootouts are more about mental strength than technique. Many talented players fail due to unstable mental states during the shootout. The first kick often determines over 70% of the shootout's outcome. A missed first kick can severely impact the entire team's mentality, potentially leading to more misses.

  • Experienced bettors suggest that penalty betting is for those with patience. Carefully analyze the first kick before placing your bets. Reputable bookmaker free play like fb88 allow players to place bets after the first kick, giving you an advantage by assessing the initial impact on the players' mental states.

  1. Choose the Right Bet

  • Even-odd penalty betting offers various betting levels. Players should consider and choose the most suitable bet. Avoid following the crowd; instead, make your decisions based on personal judgment.

  1. Calculate When Analyzing Odds

  • Compared to other bets, even-odd penalty betting is relatively easy. However, many players are careless, placing bets without proper calculations, leading to potential losses.

  • Therefore, in betting, particularly penalty betting, players must carefully calculate and manage their bets. This careful approach helps preserve your capital effectively.


Even-odd penalty betting is an incredibly exciting format, stimulating every player's nerves. This unique betting type offers very high winning odds, attracting significant interest. Hopefully, you will apply these tips to play more effectively. Don't forget to visit Win tips' website for more valuable information!


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