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Mouse And Keyboard Recorder Serial Number

the setupdigetdeviceinterfacedetail interface for a keyboard interface is a long-winded one, with a great deal of data. you get a handle to a device interface, which you can use to get the path to the device interface, which you can use to open the interface, and which you can get the vendor and product id numbers by calling setupdigetdeviceinterfacedetail on the interface.

mouse and keyboard recorder serial number

if you're a user of a logitech wireless keyboard/mouse combo and you would like to submit a solution for this topic, please add it to this list by clicking the add new topic button above, then add a title, description, and solution (if any).

i'm using logitech wireless keyboard and mouse. the mouse has a button on top that says "s" it allows you to switch modes. when it's switched to "s" mode i can't get the keyboard to work. the keyboard still works fine when the mouse is not switched to "s" mode. can someone help please?

i have a logitech wireless mouse m525 and i was wondering how can i determine what kind of device it is? i would like to know if it has a built in scanner, or if it can be used for a scanner. and if so, how to scan using it?

hello, i'm using a logitech g700s mouse (wireless), and i'd like to know the serial number on the device. i know that you can get the device serial number using the program logitech's system info on windows, but i'm using windows 7 and i don't know how to get the serial number in that program. please help.

my logitech wireless keyboard and mouse do not work in windows vista, but they work in xp. i have tried uninstalling and re-installing the keyboard and mouse. i have tried the logitech system information applet. i have tried resetting the mouse and keyboard. i have tried changing the power button configuration. nothing works. i can only use the keyboard and mouse through the logitech one device. how do i find the serial number on the mouse, keyboard, and mouse combo?


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