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Scary Teacher 3D: How to Survive and Escape the Torture of Miss T on Android

Scary Teacher 3D: A Horror Game for Android

Do you love horror games? Do you hate mean teachers? If you answered yes to both questions, then you might want to try Scary Teacher 3D, a free adventure game with scary themes for Android devices.

Scary Teacher 3D is a game where you play as Nicky, a genius girl who wants to teach her worst high school teacher a lesson by scaring her with various pranks. Miss T, the scary teacher, is a sadist who loves to torture her students and neighbors with physical punishment and psychological abuse.

scary teacher 3d android

In this game, you have to sneak into Miss T's house, find clues, set traps, and execute your plan without getting caught by her or her pets. You can explore different rooms in her house, each with its own scenario and challenge.

If you are looking for a fun and thrilling game that will make you laugh and scream at the same time, then Scary Teacher 3D is the game for you.

How to Play Scary Teacher 3D

Scary Teacher 3D is easy to play and control. The main goal of the game is to complete each scenario by scaring Miss T with different pranks. You can use the joystick on the left side of the screen to move around, and the buttons on the right side to interact with objects, hide, or run. You can also tap on the map icon to see the layout of the house and your current location.

You have to be careful not to make too much noise or get spotted by Miss T, otherwise she will chase you and catch you. If she catches you, you will lose the scenario and have to start over. You can also lose if you run out of time or fail to complete the objective.

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You can choose from different difficulty levels, ranging from easy to hard, depending on your skill and preference. You can also unlock new outfits and accessories for Nicky as you progress through the game.

The Characters of Scary Teacher 3D

Miss T

Miss T is the main antagonist of the game. She is a cruel and wicked teacher who enjoys making her students suffer. She has a scary appearance, with red eyes, sharp teeth, and long nails. She also has a loud and annoying voice that will make you shiver.

Miss T lives in a huge house that is full of traps and secrets. She has a pet dog named Spike and a pet cat named Fluffy, both of which are loyal to her and will attack you if they see you. She also has a mysterious boyfriend named Mr. J, who sometimes visits her and brings her gifts.

Miss T is not easy to scare, as she is very alert and smart. She will try to find you and stop you from ruining her day. You have to be clever and creative to outsmart her and make her scream.


Nicky is the main protagonist of the game. She is a brave and intelligent girl who hates Miss T for being mean to her and her friends. She decides to take revenge on Miss T by scaring her with various pranks.

Nicky has a cute appearance, with blonde hair, blue eyes, and glasses. She wears a school uniform and a backpack. She also has a smartphone that she uses to communicate with her friends and get hints for each scenario.

Nicky is not afraid of Miss T, as she has a lot of tricks up her sleeve. She can use different objects and items to set up traps and distractions for Miss T. She can also hide in closets, cabinets, or under beds to avoid being seen.

Other Characters

There are also other characters that Nicky meets in her adventure, such as:

  • Her friends: Tom, Lisa, Bob, and Emma. They are Nicky's classmates who also hate Miss T. They help Nicky by giving her tips and ideas for each scenario.

  • Her pets: Sparky and Kitty. They are Nicky's pet dog and cat who love Nicky and hate Miss T. They help Nicky by distracting Miss T or attacking her pets.

  • Her enemies: The bullies, the cops, the zombies, and the ghosts. They are some of the obstacles that Nicky has to face in some scenarios. They will try to stop Nicky or harm her in different ways.

The Features of Scary Teacher 3D

The Graphics of Scary Teacher 3D

The Visuals

Scary Teacher 3D has amazing 3D graphics that make the game more realistic and immersive. The game has high-quality textures, shadows, lighting, and colors that create a vivid and detailed environment.

The game also has different weather effects, such as rain, snow, fog, or thunderstorm that add more atmosphere and mood to the game. The game also has different time settings, such as day or night that affect the visibility and difficulty of the game.

The Animations

Scary Teacher 3D also has smooth and expressive animations that make the game more dynamic and fun. The game has realistic physics and movements that make the objects and characters behave naturally.

The game also has hilarious and creepy reactions that make the game more entertaining and satisfying. The game shows how Miss T reacts to each prank, such as screaming, crying, laughing, or fainting. The game also shows how Nicky reacts to each situation, such as smiling, cheering, or gasping.

The Sound Effects of Scary Teacher 3D

The Music

Scary Teacher 3D has suspenseful and catchy background music that makes the game more exciting and atmospheric. The game has different music tracks that suit the theme and mood of each scenario. The game also has sound effects that enhance the gameplay and the immersion, such as footsteps, doors, alarms, or explosions.

The Voices

Scary Teacher 3D also has hilarious and creepy voice acting that makes the game more humorous and scary. The game has different voices for each character that reflect their personality and emotion. The game also has dialogues and monologues that add more story and character to the game.

The game shows how Miss T talks to herself, her pets, or her boyfriend, revealing her secrets and plans. The game also shows how Nicky talks to her friends, her pets, or herself, expressing her thoughts and feelings. The game also shows how the other characters talk to each other or to Nicky, creating more interaction and conflict.

The Levels of Scary Teacher 3D

The Scenarios

Scary Teacher 3D has many levels that offer different scenarios and pranks for Nicky to scare Miss T. The game has 15 chapters, each with 5 scenarios that have different objectives and locations. The game also has bonus levels that have special events and rewards.

The game shows how Nicky plans and executes her pranks, such as putting a snake in Miss T's bed, exploding her cake, or stealing her wig. The game also shows how Miss T reacts to each prank, such as running away, throwing things, or calling the cops. The game also shows how the other characters get involved in some scenarios, such as helping Nicky, hindering Miss T, or getting scared themselves.

The Challenges

Scary Teacher 3D also has many challenges that make the game more difficult and fun. The game has different obstacles and dangers that Nicky has to overcome in each scenario, such as locked doors, cameras, traps, or enemies. The game also has different time limits and conditions that Nicky has to meet in each scenario, such as completing the prank before Miss T returns, avoiding being seen by anyone, or collecting certain items.

The game tests Nicky's skills and creativity in solving puzzles, finding clues, and escaping danger. The game also rewards Nicky's performance and achievements with coins, stars, and trophies.

How to Download and Install Scary Teacher 3D on Android Devices

Scary Teacher 3D is a free game that you can download and install on your Android devices easily. There are two ways to do so: from Google Play Store or from other sources.

Downloading and Installing from Google Play Store

Step 1: Open Google Play Store on your device.

Search for "Scary Teacher 3D" and tap on the game icon.

Step 2: Tap on "Install" button.

Wait for the game to download and install on your device.



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