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"My workplace has had some media attention the last couple of years, and we've had a steady stream of photographers and video people come by. One thing it has hit home is that professional photographers do not need better gear than amateurs, they need different gear. As far as I have seen, the equipment they use is made to last long enough so it can be deducted; it is easily serviceable or replaceable at a moments notice (no oddball choices); or it can be rented at a gear rental shops around the world. Size and weight, and purchase cost, just about never comes into it.

"But we amateurs don't have assistants and we are often not primarily photographing so our gear really does need to be very small and light. And as 'small and light' usually means no tripod for us it means amateur gear needs to work well handheld, unlike pro gear which will normally live on a tripod. The extreme case is digital MF. There is no amateur market for it, not because of the cost (how much does a motorcycle, or RV, or golf club membership set you back?), but because it is so obviously unsuitable for amateur use. Digital backs assume you're shooting tethered and can use a dedicated computer with their own, expensive, software on it, so no stabilizer, no high-iso performance, lousy handholdability. But other pro gear is similarly unsuitable for amateurs, it's just not as blindingly obvious."

"I have purchased a number of DSLR cameras in the hopes that they were even sort of close to this kind of outfit, and, I'm telling you, they ain't out there. My latest foray in this direction was the Olympus e420/25mm prime outfit. But the viewfinder is a tiny little tunnel compared to the OM4t, it is nowhere near as intuitive a photo maker, and the lens is no great shakes. It is small and you can carry it all day. The new Panasonic G1 is being heralded as the inheritor of this tradition, but it has an EVF (albeit improved). Pentax makes excellent prime lenses and fairly intuitive camera bodies, but they are pretty heavy in my hands. So, I am still waiting. And, even though I am way into digital now, I can't bring myself to sell my old Olympus 4t." 350c69d7ab


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