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Nolan King
Nolan King

Your Money Or Your Life By Joe Dominguez And Vicki Robin Torrent PATCHED

Millionaire Success Habits is a book designed with one purpose in mind: to take you from where you are in life to where you want to be in life by incorporating easy-to-implement "Success Habits" into your daily routine....

Your Money Or Your Life By Joe Dominguez And Vicki Robin Torrent

I remember reading The 4-Hour Workweek when I was 24 and it completely blew my mind. The best parts of the book focus on automating your business and building a passive income lifestyle business, which I expand on greatly in my book.

MBA programs don't have a monopoly on advanced business knowledge: you can teach yourself everything you need to know to succeed in life and at work. The Personal MBA features the very best business books available, based on over ten years and thousands of hours of research. So skip business school and the $150,000 loan: you can get a world-class business education own your own at very low cost by reading the best business books.

You will also take a look at what money is and develop a reality-based definition of money that helps you see what it really means to YOUR life. Implementing this step will radically change the way you think about money and how it works in your life.

This is different from a budget, with its arbitrary estimates of future spending. A monthly tabulation shows what you are actually doing with your money in the present and provides an accurate portrait of your lifestyle and spending patterns.

In other words, stop spending life energy on stuff that is not bringing you maximum fulfillment in proportion to the life energy you spent on it. Think about how much space and time that might give you to focus on living your life in alignment with your goals and values!

Step 7 is increasing your earnings, exchanging the life energy you put into your job for the highest possible income, without compromising your values or your health, for a self-defined period of time.

Contrast this with an agrarian life of plowing, chopping, knitting, gardening, cooking, building. These are all highly sensory experiences that require ongoing attention to your body, tools and other material aspects of the world around you.


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