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Where Can I Buy A Bugatti Chiron

Here's where it gets interesting: push the right-hand crown of the timepiece and the engine comes to life - the crankshaft turns and the 16 pistons pump up and down, just like a true internal combustion engine. Two "turbochargers" (down from four in the actual Chiron engine) on the side of the engine block spin while the engine runs, adding to the visual impact.

where can i buy a bugatti chiron


The legendary French manufacturer sold that one-off machine for over $26,6500,000 to one lucky buyer. Unbelievably this is still nowhere near what it would cost to buy the car it is based on, the Type 57 SC Atlantic. Only two were built, one in 1936 and one in 1938, and the '36 model sold for over $56,000,000 back in 2010. 041b061a72


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