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Science of Fortune: The Ultimate Numerology Book by Pandit Sethuraman

Pandit Sethuraman Numerology Book Free Download

Numerology is a fascinating subject that has intrigued many people for centuries. It is based on the idea that numbers have a hidden meaning and influence on our lives. By studying numerology, we can discover our personality traits, talents, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, challenges, destiny, and more.

Pandit Sethuraman Numerology Book Free Download

One of the most renowned experts in numerology was Pandit Sethuraman, an Indian scholar who wrote a groundbreaking book called Science of Fortune. This book is considered to be the ultimate guide on numerology, as it reveals the secrets of perfect timing, name correction, lucky numbers, and other aspects of this mystical science.

If you are interested in learning more about numerology and Pandit Sethuraman's book, you may be wondering how to get a copy of it. Is it possible to download Science of Fortune for free? In this article, we will answer this question and provide you with some useful information about numerology, Pandit Sethuraman, and his book.

What is numerology?

Numerology is the study of the mystical relationship between numbers and events in human life. It is based on the belief that everything in the universe has a vibration and a numerical value, and that by analyzing these numbers, we can gain insight into ourselves and our surroundings.

The origin and history of numerology

Numerology has a long and rich history that dates back to ancient times. Many civilizations and cultures, such as the Babylonians, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Chinese, Indians, Hebrews, and Arabs, have used numerology in various forms and ways. Some of the most influential figures in numerology were Pythagoras, the Greek philosopher and mathematician who developed the Pythagorean system of numerology; Chaldean, the ancient Babylonian astrologer who devised the Chaldean system of numerology; and Cheiro, the British occultist who popularized the modern Western system of numerology.

The main principles and methods of numerology

Numerology works by assigning numerical values to letters, names, dates, and other elements. There are different systems and methods of numerology, but the most common one is the Pythagorean system, which uses the numbers from 1 to 9. Each number has a specific meaning and characteristic that reflects its vibration and energy. By adding up the digits of a name or a date, we can reduce it to a single-digit number or a master number (11, 22, or 33), which reveals its essence and influence.

For example, if we want to calculate the life path number of someone who was born on June 7th, 1985, we would add up the digits of their birth date: 6 + 7 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 5 = 36. Then we would reduce it to a single digit: 3 + 6 = 9. The life path number is one of the most important numbers in numerology, as it indicates the main purpose and direction of one's life. In this case, the person has a life path number 9, which means they are humanitarian, compassionate, generous, idealistic, creative, and spiritual.

The benefits and applications of numerology

Numerology can help us in many ways. It can help us understand ourselves better by revealing our personality traits, talents, strengths, weaknesses, likes, dislikes, etc. It can help us improve our relationships by showing us our compatibility with others, our communication style, our emotional needs, etc. It can help us make better decisions by guiding us to choose the best dates, names, colors, numbers, etc. for our endeavors. It can help us achieve our goals by giving us motivation, inspiration, confidence, etc.

Who is Pandit Sethuraman?

Pandit Sethuraman was a famous Indian numerologist who was born in 1925 and died in 1997. He was a scholar, a journalist, a politician, and a spiritualist. He was also known as the father of numerology for his remarkable contributions to this field.

His achievements in numerology

Pandit Sethuraman was a pioneer in numerology who discovered many secrets and principles that were not known before. He was able to predict the future of many famous personalities such as Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, M.G. Ramachandran, Jayalalithaa, Sachin Tendulkar, Amitabh Bachchan, and many others. He was also able to help thousands of people improve their lives by suggesting name corrections, lucky numbers, favorable colors, gemstones, etc. He developed a unique system of numerology that was based on ancient scriptures and spiritual works. He wrote his book Science of Fortune in Tamil in 1954 and later translated it into English and other languages. His book became an instant bestseller and has been reprinted more than 26 times since then.

His legacy and influence

Pandit Sethuraman left behind a rich legacy steal your personal information. You should always scan any downloaded file with antivirus software before opening it.

  • They are disrespectful and ungrateful. By downloading the book for free, you are depriving the author and the publisher of their rightful income and recognition. You are also showing a lack of appreciation and gratitude for their hard work and dedication to bring this book to you.

Therefore, we suggest that you avoid these websites and instead buy the book from the official website or borrow it from libraries or friends. This way, you can enjoy the book without any guilt, risk, or trouble.


Numerology is a fascinating and useful subject that can help you improve your life in many ways. Pandit Sethuraman was a master of numerology who wrote a brilliant book called Science of Fortune that reveals the secrets of this science. His book is a must-read for anyone who wants to learn numerology and benefit from it. You can buy his book from the official website or borrow it from libraries or friends. You should not download his book for free from unauthorized websites, as it is illegal, unethical, unreliable, unsafe, disrespectful, and ungrateful.

We hope that this article has given you some valuable information about numerology, Pandit Sethuraman, and his book. We hope that you will read his book and apply his teachings to your life. We wish you all the best and good luck!


  • Q: What is the difference between numerology and astrology?

  • A: Numerology and astrology are both predictive sciences that study the influence of celestial bodies on human life. However, numerology focuses on numbers and their meanings, while astrology focuses on planets and their positions.

  • Q: How can I find out my lucky number?

  • A: There are different ways to find out your lucky number, but one of the simplest ways is to calculate your life path number by adding up the digits of your birth date and reducing it to a single digit or a master number. This number represents your main purpose and direction in life, and it can also bring you luck and success.

  • Q: How can I change my name according to numerology?

  • A: If you want to change your name according to numerology, you should consult a professional numerologist who can suggest a suitable name for you based on your birth date and your desired goals. You should also follow the legal procedures to change your name officially.

  • Q: How can I learn more about numerology?

  • A: If you want to learn more about numerology, you should read Science of Fortune by Pandit Sethuraman, as it is the best book on this subject. You can also visit his website for more information. You can also take online courses or join online communities on numerology.

  • Q: How can I contact Guruswamy Sethuraman?

  • A: If you want to contact Guruswamy Sethuraman, who is the son of Pandit Sethuraman and the publisher of his book, you can visit his website and fill out the contact form. You can also email him at or call him at +91-44-24959424.



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